For many the answer would be “yes”, because it is a known fact that both the parents are important for a healthy childhood. Similarly, a happy relationship between the parents is equally important to ensure that children get a happy and conducive environment to grow up.

The analysis

In a study conducted by Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, more than 65% of the children were found to be living with both the parents.

The study also concluded pregnancy before marriage, cohabitation and divorce as the three major reasons for children being raised by a single parent.

The benefits of a loving married couple rising up children

When a child is brought up by both the parents who are in love with each other and they respect each other, then the children also learn to respect mutually in whatever relationship they are into.

They learn to value the partner’s contribution in their lives and become tolerant about a lot many things happening around them. As because they get immense love from their parents and they grow up in a happy and healthy environment, they grow into content individuals. As a result they turn out to be confident students, truthful friends, loving spouse and caring parent. They turn out to be complete individuals who show more preparedness and readiness to adjust with any and every situation in life.

They are found to be more stable on emotional, physical and psychological front than others as they have been raised in a fearless environment.

The effects of single parenting

When a child grows in an environment which comprises of only one parent, then in most of the cases he or she is seen to be discontent. Such children are observed to be under performers in school and they find it difficult to cope up with their friends and even academically.

Even in the later part of their lives, they have adjustment issues with their spouse and other people. They are found to be either too concerned about heir children or lack the art of bringing up children correctly because they themselves did not experience the same.

The problem continues from school and almost dominates almost every relationship coming their way.

Such children suffer largely from under confidence, fear and unhappiness; after all they have been brought by a parent who has probably been unhappy all his or her life.


Both the parents have a significant role to play in the child’s upbringing. And this is more of gender specific than anything else. A mother is the sign of “delicacy and softness” whereas a father teaches “discipline” to the child. This obviously does not mean that they don’t play a vice versa role. Study indicates that a child living only with mother is exposed to the risk of being abused physically more than one living with both the parents. And similarly, a child living only with a father may not receive adequate tenderness. Therefore, it is extremely important that children are brought up in an environment which is supported by both the parents.

4 Responses to “Is a Loving Marital Relationship More Important For Children?”

  • SteveO:

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  • sakyue1993:

    Homosexuals always say that it’s okay to be homosexuals because they “found evidence” that animals can be homosexuals too.

    But this is wrong, since we are above animals. A more viable explanation according to scientists is that homosexuality is nothing but a phase, a choice made by confused individuals.

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  • Thomas A:

    Before you start the flame / hate responses….. Let me state that I absolutely LOVE my kids and wouldn’t trade being a father for anything……

    However – If you KNEW going in the changes kids would cause in your relationship between you and your spouse, would you still have had kids?

    It seems that many women (my wife included) push their husbands to back burner status after the kids are in the picture…

    Comments such as: the kids come first, then my hubby – he is grown and can fend for himself (etc….), are extremely common on this and other marriage forums.

    The kids cause stress in the marriage, increased demands for time / $ / energy / etc….

    Sometimes I just feel like I’ve been “dupped” into the family life… going in you’re told by everyone, friends, family, co-workers, that kids are a “blessing” and the “greatest thing in your life”, etc… of which I agree….

    However – very few will EVER speak honestly and cadidly about the TOLL kids take on a marriage.

  • jag43216:

    Can this relationship be salvaged after all this mess?
    My girlfriend (30) and I (32) began dating 4 months ago and it was wonderful. Our relationship was so intense that it seemed as if we had dated for over a year. We had a perfect relationship, except when my mother who is very controlling and I began to have problems. It all started going downhill since then. she was considering braking up but we manage to salvage the relationship. We then started living together for 2 months, she was very happy when she thought she was pregnant and we even came up with names for our children, we even looked up engagement rings. But then we realized she wasnt pregnant. The problem is that my mother had her number and she would call me to argue with me and i didnt answer she would call her constantly. My mother and her never met before and only talked on the phone once. My mother is sick and unemployed and I have helped her financially. over the last weekend of last month, my problems with my mom increased to the point that my girlfriend became so sensitive and fed up that she blew up at me and asked me to go home. Then she didnt talk for 3 days and then texted me that she couldnt do this anymore she wanted to be friends and when i solve my problem with my mother maybe we could reconnect in the future. She said that she felt like she was the cause of my problems and she didnt want to be in the middle. As a reaction to this i ended up doing the same thing to my mom that my girlfriend did to me. My mother and I didnt talk for like 5 days until she then called me at my work saying she was very sick because of what i had done to her, we then ended up arguing again and she called my ex-girlfriend, with whom i was trying to fix things by showing her that I wanted to be with her regardless of what my mother wanted. She didnt answer the phone, but called her back after work and my mom didnt answer, but she left her an ugly message. Then my mom and I made peace when she realized what had happened and wanted to mend things with her and and even texted her that she wanted to talk to her and sent her greetings and a hug. FOR some reason my mom did not get the message my girlfriend sent her until 2 days later. She then replied very cut and dry saying that tomorrow would be better. My mom said ok I will then call you tomorrow evening around 8pm. My mom then called her twice and sent her a text, but she didn’t answer. I then texted her and said that if my mom was the problem and now she had realized that my happiness was with her and to please give her a chance. She then said, lets talk tomorrow. So the next day she agreed to go to a restaurant and she was very friendly, and we talked for a while until I asked her whether she had thought about the situation and she said not really. and I asked her if she wanted to fix things. she said she was planning on calling my mom back. and I told her that my mom did get her message and that she was a bit upset and that it would take a bit of effort to talk to her. I suggested things to her about what to tell her, but when I did that she blew up again, asked for the check, and said “i almost fell for it”. and said I will wait for you in the car. Then she told me not to call her again, and that it was over… she was extremely furious like I had never seen her, and then left. I think that I messed up by wanting her to fix things with my mom. I dont know i am confused. She previously said that if I didnt see or talk to my mother just so that I could be with her, it would not work because she knows what a family is and it would not be healthy. Thats why i thought that both of them fixing things would work. I have understood that my life decisions are mine and not my mother, and she is not interfering anymore. I am ready to live my life with freedom. But she doesnt believe me. I guess she interpreted what i said as if i cared too much of what my mom thought or felt, and that she ruled my life and blew up again. I dont know what to do i know that she may be really angry right now and I need to let go, at least for a while until negative emotions subside. I have thought of waiting for a month or two and then buying an engagement ring as the ultimate way of proving to her that i want to be with her and that it doesnt matter whether my mother approves or not because I am a mature individual. I freely told my mother about my plan she said to follow my heart and do it if I chose to and I loved her. It has been like a downward spiral. I feel so out of control, like its all out of my hands. But I dont know if this is the case. maybe my plan can work? I texted her the following “the way i see it is that perhaps the timing is not right. I made a mistake yesterday. my mom has no say in my life decisions. I know what i want. I want a life with you. maybe more time needs to pass. I love so much that I know that for my own sake i need to let go for now and focus on my things. I am making permane

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