Wedding Plandroid

The Wedding Plandroid app is a rather self-explanatory; it’s an Android app designed to assist brides in planning their marriage. This includes helping them in the search for a venue and organising the guest list. Wedding Plandroid also provides a brilliant reminder tool that ensures no bride will forget any of the minute details of the wedding by giving frequent updates and reminders throughout the wedding day.

David’s Bridal Consultant

Davis’s Bridal Consultant is one of the UK’s largest marriage planners and like many wedding companies it is branching out into app software to cater to its customers. It provides easy assistance for a number of wedding day preparations, such as providing brides with the chance to browse through the company’s range of luxury gowns and dresses so they find the dress ideal for their own personal style on their big day. This app also allows a bride to save details of the dresses that she intends to try on. This is particularly beneficial because the store can interact with this app to ensure these dresses are ready for the bride and her bridesmaids at the store when they arrive for fitting.

Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner allows users to manage and organise their wedding details with easy access to their data, thanks to the app’s simplistic but effective ‘navigate budget’ tools. The app also offers an array of inspirational visual concepts that can help to give users some good ideas for their wedding day. This app also allows brides and grooms to manage the style of their wedding effectively thanks to the inclusion to other visual planning devices like choosing dresses, makeup, cakes etc…

Wedding Countdown

Wedding countdown may be less practical than other apps available, but it is unique in that it offers a timer countdown that counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the day of the marriage. This is one of the more entertaining wedding apps because it is highly entertaining as well as being practical. It features an app that allows a bride to share a personalised countdown online through various Email and social media sites such as Facebook. Even after the wedding, the app can be altered for new count downs like a first wedding anniversary or a birthday.


Eversnap is a fantastic app to be used after the wedding, as it lets the friends and family of a bride and groom share the photos and videos they each made of the big day. However, unlike some other online photo sharing applications, Eversnap is straightforward and easy to use. All a user needs to do is create a photo album that will be used to hold all the images and videos and then invite your friends and family to add their own pictures to the album which they can then view through SMS or email. This is a very convenient means of sharing pictures and will naturally save lots of money on the printing and distribution costs that traditional wedding photographs will occur, especially professionally distributed images.

With all this assistance being provided by mobile apps, all that will be left to arrange is a wedding venue that can accommodate all of your grand plans.

4 Responses to “How Wedding Apps Can Help With Your Wedding Plans”

  • Derek:

    I’m planning my wedding for 2009. So, about a year and half (18 months) I really want to save for something nice. So far, I’ve estimated our reception costs to be about 13K (for 140 people, sit down dinner w/ apps, open bar and dessert). I’m looking to spend no more then 20K. Although, I know my parents are looking to pay for my dress, hair, veil, etc. His parents are going to contribute some money too.

    However, I’m looking to save that initial 13K for the reception. I figure we can each contribute about $50 a week comfortable from our paychecks. We eat out once a week at about $30 and we both buy lunch/coffee at work too much. So, just cutting out that will be $50 a week or $100 as a couple.

    So, $100(4)=$400×18………is $7200 a saved in 18 months. How can I get at least another 6K. I was thinking our tax returns, since it’s money we don’t budget out of our weekly paychecks.

    Any other idea. Things besides cutting cable or internet.
    I’m not looking to save on wedding related items. I’m looking at the best ways to earn extra money, etc.

  • mavis24:

    Ok, so my fiance and I decided that we want to get married before our baby is born in February and before he goes into the army. So we picked December. We are on a tight budget though.

    I want to know… Is the bride responsible for buying the bridesmaid and maid of honor dresses or just picking them out? Any suggestions on ways to save money on food? Do the bride and groom buy/rent the dress and tux for the flower girl and ring barer?

  • mmminja:

    I took these pics in the summer on a rainy day. But we plan on getting married there in the fall, at sunset its at a park but this pier is down stairs so you cant see the road or hear it!

    here’s a picture album.
    i like it because it refelcts us. we love fishing, boating etc.
    the trash can cant be removed so i was going to buy a plant pot about the same height wrap the both of them in some type of decoration to compleetly cover them up and put flowers or a tree or something on there…

    this is where we would stand along with the minister and maybe have a flower arch
    these are the stairs i would walk down 1 side and my mom (shes giving me away) down the other i plan for the 2 of us to come up in a horse and carriage my sister has a lot of friends that play instruments so they will stand on either side of the stairs on that hill and play that ba bada ba ba baaaam lol you know like the are announcing a queen then
    we will have chairs set up in the grass for guest
    so what do you think i want other peoples opinion please!!!

    oh those benches will be decorated and the brides maids and groomsmen will sit there

  • mendhak:

    My fiance and I are planning a gothic/dark wedding. We picked out the colors red, black and white and we know for sure we want a very untraditional wedding.

    I want a red dress VERY badly (with black trim or black bead work)

    We also want a black, red and white cake… red and black flowers, decor, etc…

    Does anyone know where I can get ideas for decor, my dress, the cake and flowers?

    Links would be amazing.
    we actually dont have a budget. The grooms mother is paying for most of the wedding.
    I’ve been married previously and had a traditional wedding – and HATED it. My fiance and I are very untraditional people, and we both love the idea of a dark fairytale wedding… thank you for those of you who support me and for those of you who think I’m immature… I think you need to grow up with the times – not every bride wants a white wedding with white roses and a white cake, This is 2009, not 1980.

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