When it comes to dating and relationships, you certainly know that you can use your lips beyond smiling and speaking. Relationship experts say that kissing is the key to love. It is said that you can ignite any man’s sexual desires if you know how to arouse a man with a kiss. Discover how to kiss perfectly and you could be on your way to finding a partner who will be by your side for life. Kiss passionately and you will keep the bond between you and your partner strong as well.

Before we delve on how to arouse a man with a kiss, let’s look at some elements of a good kiss.

  • Fresh breath is of utmost importance. Don’t forget to brush your teeth too. In a nutshell be of good hygiene.
  • If you’re an assertive kisser your partner will find you attractive. Commit to kiss rather than kissing half-heartedly.
  • A successful kiss goes hand in hand with physical contact like touching and caressing.
  • If you’re kissing a person you’ve just met, kiss with your mouth closed and with minimal saliva exchange. Keep the lips moist, soft and avoid drooling. As you get used to him, you can heighten the passion and intimacy with increased open mouth and saliva exchange

It’s not disputable that kissing can build up passionate feelings and sexual activity. This is true in intimate, open mouth, tongue to tongue kind of kissing. Therefore if you’re on a mission to arouse your man, you can ignite his sexual drive by passionately kissing him.

If you are on the expedition on how to arouse a man with a kiss, it goes without saying that the above three elements have to be observed. You can’t ignore the hygiene and touching rules. The intensity is highly dictated at how assertive you’re with your kiss. Gentle touches and embraces will amp the intensity. Additionally, saliva, tongue and open mouth will give your kiss the intimacy twist.

When you’re kissing a man to get him aroused, kiss has to last longer than the normal kiss. You will need to have some time not to mention the privacy. Escalate the intensity and observe how he behaves. If he is getting turned on, be more assertive and move to his neck before proceeding to his Adams apple and ears. If he slows you down go back to kissing his lips until you’re on the same level.

Relationship experts say that the key to an arousing and sexy kissing is combining intensity and assertiveness to create a passionate, intimate kiss that will let loose a man inner sexual desire. Convey passion while seeking to strengthen the bond with your man.

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