Love is the most precious thing as well as the most spontaneous that will happen in everyone’s life. It is an exciting and wonderful feeling. Everyone has different opinion about the meaning of romance and love. The feeling definately makes you feel happier. Whether you are married or single or in a relationship – these romance facts will always remind you why this relationship is so important in everyone’s life!

  • The stress which occurs due to the feeling of passion is the same to that which occurs due to fear. Palms sweat, pupils spread as well as heart rate accelerates.
  • Women belonging to tiwi tribe get married immediately when they are born.
  • According to many research, most people fall in love approximately seven to eight times before marriage.
  • The term is derived from the Sanskrit lubhyati, which means “desire.”
  • The traditional symbol of love is rose. Different color of roses is meant for different nuance of the phenomenon. For instance, yellow roses indicated jealousy as well as friendship; red roses can mean true passion. A thorn less rose or lavender indicate love at first sight, light pink can mean passion, energy and desire and dark pink indicates gratitude. White roses mean devotion as well as virtue.
  • Since ancient Greece, apple has been considered as a symbol of romance because the apple lasted for many days after being picked.
  • In Japan and China-the maple leaf is considered as a symbol of passionate relationship.
  • In many culture, knot is considered as a symbol because knots has neither any beginning nor an end.
  • New research suggest that men often feel loved or emotionally closed when they play, talk and work side by side. On the other hand, women often feel emotionally closed when they talk face to face with partners.
  • 4000 years ago, the first known romantic song was written and this song comes from an area which is somewhere between Euphrates river and Tigris.
  • The Eiffel tower is considered to be the most romantic place in the world to express love.
  • According to the ancient Greeks, the fourth finger of the left hand contains the “vein of love,” and this vein runs straight to the heart. And this probably is one of the reasons of wearing engagement ring on the fourth finger.
  • Men who kiss their beloved in the morning probably live five to six year longer that those who do not kiss their partner.
  • Falling in love can also cause calming effect on the mind as well as on the body. This enhances nervous system and memory in general.

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  • Mark M:

    My favorite animes are Death Note, Clannad, and Lucky Star(sooo cute^^)
    If that helps…
    I want some animes that are super well known(because I’ve watched most popular animes already) and that are very interesting. Something that will leave me dying to see the next episode to find out what happens, if that makes sense haha.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    tell me some facts about ray, bob,frankie,mikey,gerard, and even matt pelisier if you can please!

  • Armas:

    Which is it and what are your reasons for being in an open/half open relationship? :)

  • Gabriel Kenney:

    I’m looking of an anime with like a popular boy start to play with a girl but then falls in love. Or you could just name an anime where the boy falls in love first…thanks

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